Tweezy - Facial Hair Remover

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Get the Tweezy Facial Hair Remover and say goodbye to that pesky facial hair.

Tweezy hair remover is a do-it-yourself facial hair removal system designed for women to use on the upper and lower lips, chin, cheek, and neck areas.



Tweezy - Facial Hair Remover is a device for removing facial hair from the root 

Easy Tweezy Instructions: 

  1. Hold each end of the rubber grips and bend Tweezy into an upturned “U” shape.
  2. Place the bar against your skin.
  3. Twist and roll the rubber grips between your fingers, inwards and outwards, to gently remove hair from roots.
  4. Continue until hair is removed, ensuring the Tweezy moves against the direction of hair growth.
  5. Enjoy hairless smooth skin.

Tweezy Tips: 

  • Keep the upturned “U” shape steady and constantly touching the skin, rolling against the direction of hair growth.
  • Keep skin as taut as possible. Particularly on the upper and lower lip for Tweezy to work at its best.
  • Continued use can encourage hair regrowth that is finer and less noticeable.

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