Glamour Galor™ Invisible Push Up Bra

$14.99 $34.99



      THE SOLUTION BRA: All girls need that extra 'perk-me-up' especially when wearing dresses and tops with tricky necklines. 
      LIGHTWEIGHT & NATURAL FEELING: This bra is soft to touch and natural to look at. It will give you maximum comfort while allowing you to move freely.
      NO SLIPPING! SUPPORTS, LIFTS & SHAPES: This bra magically brings your assets together. It enhances the overall appearance of your bust by allowing you to shape & lift your breast tissue to your desire. 
      REUSABLE & ALLERGY FREE: This bra will keep your breasts supported and perky for up to 8 hours per wear. The bra itself is reusable and can be worn up to 50 times.  

      Silicone, strapless and invisible!

      Bra is Reusable 50 - 100 times!

      How to Use:

      1- Remove bra from box.
      2- Loosen the clip on ties partially.
      2- Place bra on your breasts.
      3- Pull end of string ties, while pulling up the clip. 
      4- Enjoy the lift!

      Size Chart:

      • A= 70/32A 70/32B 75/34A
      • B= 70/32C 75/34B 80/36A 80/36B
      • C= 70/32D 75/34C 8/36C 85/36A 85/36B
      • D= 70/32E 75/34D 75/34E 80/36D 85/36C 85/36D


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